6 Worst Mistakes That Couples Make in Bed

By Dmitri / May 10, 2018
Having the mindset that a date night is needed to connect

It has been proven by research that one of the elements that is vital for sustaining log-term relationships is sex even though am sure you don’t need anybody to tell you this. It is easy to be passionate and sexy at the beginning but as time goes on it becomes complicated.

There are some common mistakes you should not make if want to sustain a long-term relationship or begin one.Having the mindset that a date night is needed to connect

#1: Having the mindset that a “date night” is needed to connect

What most couples do when they want to reconnect with their partners is to schedule a “date night”. The belief is that they will end up together on the bed after the whole dinner and wine. Most couples end up just sleeping after the late night out coupled with rich food and some glasses of wine

Remedy: find time to be alone with your partner at home even if it requires sending the kids out.  It is a time to put all you have been fantasizing about to a test.


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