How To Draw A Rose in 10 Easy Steps

By Elina / May 5, 2018
how to draw a rose step 10

If you are someone who always loved to watch skilled people drawing but never dared to draw a rose yourself this tutorial is for you. It’s very simple in just 10 steps you’ll have drawn a beautiful rose.

how to draw a rose in 10 easy stepsWhat you’ll need for this:

  • A Pencil: The best pencil for this is 2B. It’s a soft pencil that you can easily erase. But if you have your favorite pencil and it’s not this one do not worry any kind of pencil will do.
  • Printer paper: Off course you can work in a sketchbook if you like. But there is something liberating about printer paper, if it doesn’t work out you can just throw it away.
  • An eraser: You’ll need it!

Step 1: Draw 3 circles they don’t have to be perfect. This step is needed to decide how big your rose will be and to also decide where you’re petals supposed to to draw a rose step 1


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