These Must-Have 14 Carbs Will Make You Lose Weight Faster

By Dmitri / May 11, 2018
These Must-Have 14 Carbs Will Make You Lose Weight Faster

Researchers in Harvard University found that people that ate refined grains on daily basis weighed 2.5 pounds more than those who ate whole grain after analyzing the diet patterns of over 27000 people in a span of more than 8 years.

Note: we cannot always say a product is healthy because it carries “whole grain” in its label. Any product with that label means it is made of 51% whole grain flour.
With the correct kind of carbs, you can be assured of losing some pounds. Below are 14 carbs that will get the job done for you:

#1: Pearled Barley

We have assumed barley to be just for making soups but there is more to it than just making soups. Barley, when served for breakfast, reduces by 44% blood sugar response at launch and by 14% blood sugar response at dinner according to researchers in Sweden. Your energy levels will be stable when there is less spiking of your sugar.

#2: Teff

When a Teff seed is dropped, it becomes lost just as it’s meaning goes in Amharic (official language of Ethiopia). People with celiac disease are advised to go for Teff as it is gluten-free.

#3: Millet

This grain found in Asia is also gluten-free and its protein content is almost same as that of wheat. In addition, it also contains vitamin B, iron and calcium.

#4: Kamut

The Kamut was known to be the food for pharaohs in previous times but recently it has been seen as a replacement for brown rice. It is a cousin of durum wheat. Its protein content is 40% more than that in wheat and its fatty acids are healthier and higher than most grains.

#5: Muesli

Muesli is a carb that is made up of dried fruits, rolled oats and nuts and it contains relatively high amount of fibre and protein. Its origin is from Switzerland. Muesli makes a really healthy meal as it gives pretty good amounts of vitamins and minerals through a meal contains 300 calories. Nonetheless, if you need a cereal for exercise and recovery, go for it.

#6: Cornmeal (whole grain, yellow)

When it comes to nutritional value, this section puts the cornmeal behind wheat and other grains. However, it continues to be a main ingredient in South American cooking style. It is derived from grinded dried corn and it provides the body with thiamin, selenium and magnesium.

#7: Brown rice, medium grain

This rice has plenty of fiber and minerals with no element of salt. Food professionals will always advise you to replace your white rice with brown rice if want to lose some pounds.

#8: Bulgur

The bulgur is a whole grain that provides astounding amounts of minerals and fibre together with its light and nutty flavor. Most cuisine in the Middle East have bulgur. If you are looking for an absolute replacement for rice then choose bulgur.

#9: Quinoa

Another excellent carb is the South American grain quinoa. Its protein content is twice that of the brown rice and its protein is made up of essential amino acids and complete set of branch chain, which makes it a driving force for tissue and muscle building.
Quinoa has a very little effect on blood sugar as it contains moderately low carbohydrates, protein, fiber and healthy fats. It has a nutty taste and is quicker to prepare just like rice (takes about 15 minutes to prepare).

#10: Farro

The protein and fiber content in Farro is almost twice that of brown rice and in addition, it also contains iron and calcium. But what really makes it distinct is the chewy texture and soulful flavor.
The rice in pilafs and risottos made by Conant is replaced by farro stirred into stews or soups and then tossed with roasted vegetables.

#11: Rolled oat

If you are looking for an easy way to get more fiber in your diet then oats is your answer. They help in building muscle and lower the risk of having type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure. “Flavored” instant porridge contains sugar that is harmful to your health and you must avoid it. It is advisable to take the plain one and use fruits to make it sweet.
Overnight oats really work for weight loss and it is done in the night to be ingested the following morning.

#12: Buckwheat

One ounce of buckwheat contains 4 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and lots of minerals making it highly nutritional.

#13: Steel-cut oats

These oats are cut up instead of rolled. It has a nutty and delicious taste but take about 30 minutes to prepare except it has been soaked overnight. But don’t worry, you will be glad you went through the extra effort and time.
After eating a meal of steel-cut porridge, the digestive enzymes in the body take longer time to act on the unrolled groats. This makes the uptake of glucose in the body slower so a better option especially for those at risk of having diabetes.

#14: Granola

It is a cereal that contains lots of nutrients but has high sugar content also. You can avoid the sugar load of granola by searching for a hybrid of cereal and granola. You can also choose to make a granola that is healthy on your own.

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