Top 5 Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know About

By Dmitri / May 11, 2018
Your Makeup and Hairstyle should be changed 2 years interval

Being at your best requires that you feel confident, stand tall and believe in your self, however beauty regimens matter as well – ask just about any woman who has ever had to stand in front of a mirror.

Our looks might be only a part of our personality or who we are, however our confidence could get a rise from us looking our best.

There’s nothing complicated about looking our best and it doesn’t even have to be expensive. The expert say we just have to pay more attention to the smaller details and we would look good without spending a fortune.

#1: The power of a moisturizer should never be underestimatedThe power of a moisturizer

You might have an oily skin, a dry skin or even just a regular normal skin, however the importance of a good moisturizer shouldn’t be overlooked. Even if you can afford only one good skincare product, your skin would thank you for it.

In some cases, a good cleanser and a good moisturizer might just be all you need to look a couple of years younger. It’s no news that people with wrinkled faces look older than their age. Get rid of those wrinkles.

Your skin would get protection from premature aging if you make use of good moisturizers in your 20s and 30s – according to doctors. You may not need any other beauty care product if you have the right moisturizer.

The question now is “what is a good moisturizer?”

Good moisturizers are those products that will do anything from adding moisture gently to locking in the moisture already gotten. Your skin type and needs should determine the type of moisture you use.

Get the moisturizers that contain alpha hydroxyl acids if your skin is dry or even normal. They are capable of producing more moisture. Products with vascular emulsion should be used for very dry skin. This is because it makes use of microscopic particles that are alternating layers and water that releases slowly all through the day to ensure continuous moisturization.

You need gentle, light moisturizers if you have an oily skin. Even if you have excess oil, you still need to apply moisture. Oil is not moisture; you need to moisturize.

#2: Sunscreen Is one of the most effective Antiaging Products.Sunscreen Is one of the most effective Antiaging Products

Sunscreen is one of the most underrated beauty products available. Before you think about any anti-aging procedure, before you contact the plastic surgeon, apply some sunscreen first. It ensures you keep looking young. The reason is that sunscreens have the capacity to block out aging effects on the skin

The plump, youthful, moist and wrinkle-free look of the skin is brought about by collagen and the sun impacts the production of this collagen. Overly expose yourself to sunlight and watch your skin wrinkle quite early.

A few minutes exposure to the sun without sunscreen could lead to noticeable changes in how the skin looks and feels. Wrinkles and fine lines become more visible, as well as spider veins, age spots, freckles etc. it would eventually look slack, rough, loose and leathery.

If you intend to spend time outdoors, apply sunscreen before stepping out. They are capable of protecting your skin from damage, leaving you with tighter younger looks. Reapply every hour or two if you intend to stay long, exposed to the sunrays.

Or you could just use the regular sunscreen before applying makeup. After which you can keep applying light, translucent mineral powder for touch-ups at intervals throughout the day. These powders have natural sunscreen in them and because they don’t build up on the skin, you can keep topping up all through the day for all-around protection.

#3 Don’t just use any CleanserDon’t just use any Cleanser

You may want to rethink your cleaning technique if you are the soap and water kind of person. Using gentle cleansers have been identified by dermatologists to be one of the best beauty tips. Over cleansing would not help you. You might feel the need to wash your face severally during the day, however if you are making use of a harsh soap, you might be doing more harm than good to your skin.

There is a natural lipid barrier on the face that ensures the skin keeps looking and feeling healthy can be destroyed by constant wash. Avoid washing your face too often.

The moment that protection is damaged, the skin integrity becomes tampered and this leaves the skin looking dry. These further results in burns itch, peel, cracks stings or a combination of two or more of them. It ultimately leaves you looking older than your real age.

The solution: make sure you use a very good cleanser and do not wash your face more than twice daily.

#4 The Right tools are essentialThe Right tools are essential

There’s no point having the eyeshadow money can buy, a bronzer straight from the cosmetic box of a supermodel or the most luxurious foundation; if you do not have the right tools to apply them, they might be almost useless in your hands.

What do we then ascertain what makes up the right tools? All brushes must be soft and feel gentle on the skin and must have substance likewise so the product can be seamlessly applied on your skin. Any brush that when dipped in blush or shadow, has color falling off, even before it gets to your face; I don’t think you would need anyone to tell you that’s not the right brush.

#5 Your Makeup and Hairstyle should be changed 2 years intervalYour Makeup and Hairstyle should be changed 2 years interval

If during your high school reunion, everyone keeps telling you, you haven’t changed a bit, run! Run to the nearest beauty salon.

The professionals say if you haven’t changed your hair or makeup for a long time, you should. Ideally, you should change your looks at least at 2 years interval or even sooner if the styles change dramatically.

You look younger just by changing your looks and keeping up with the current trends. Visit your favorite beauty salon and have them give you a new look if it has been long you made any significant change to your hair or makeup. Do not be scared to try something new. The best makeup lines are usually discovered by makeup artists because they catch up quickly on what’s new and how to apply them to give clients a certain appeal.

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