Want Thicker Hair? Try These 7 Foods!

By Dmitri / May 11, 2018
Foods for thicker hair

According to research, changing diets is one of the ways to thicken your hair once again. Below are foods that have been proven to contain nutrients for hair growth.

#1 Nuts and seeds

The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology contains some inspiring research on methods of reversing female-pattern hair loss. According to the research, 90% of the participants recorded decrease in loss of hair, 87% had thicker hair while 86% had improvement in the growth of their hair after receiving supplements containing antioxidants and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids with 6 months duration.
Walnuts, grape seed, sesame, flaxseed all contain high amount omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids.

#2 Oysters

For prevention and treatment of hair loss, zinc is your best bet. A study carried out revealed that people with loss of hair as a result of alopecia areata had substantially low zinc levels when compared with healthy people. Another study also linked low level of zinc with hair loss in an experiment with 312 men and women experiencing loss of hair.
The good news is that eating food rich in zinc or taking zinc supplements can help slow down the rate of hair loss. The National Institute of Health has stated that oyster provides more zinc content per meal than any other food. Zinc works for libido.

#3 Spinach

According to a study done, deficiency in iron and vitamin D2 have effect in loss of hair in women. A good option is spinach, which has iron and vitamin C content. The absorption of iron in the body is aided by vitamin C. You can slow the rate at which you lose hair by trying a combo of mushroom or hardboiled egg (both with high vit D content) with spinach salad.

#4 Salmon

Just as the nails, the hair is a protein fiber. This implies that growing of new strands and maintenance of existing ones requires protein. In addition, production of keratin which an essential component of hair also requires protein.
We will suggest salmon, which has be proven to improve the health of female hair. This function is attributed to vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids content present in it.

#5 Seaweed

According to a study done recently, people having mild to moderate loss of hair recorded improvement in hair growth after using a supplement containing cistanche tubulosa and laminaria japonica. There was increase in hair thickness (27%) and hair volume (13%) after 16 weeks of using the supplements. Dandruff and scalp inflammation were also managed using this supplement.

#6 Honey

The look of thinning hair can be enhanced with the application of honey externally. A research done revealed that people who had seborrheic dermatitis recorded improvement in hair loss after using a solution containing 90% honey and 10% water on a daily basis for 4 weeks.

#7 Oils

Oils have been proven to reduce hair loss. According to a study done with men having loss of hair, there was 40% increase in the growth of hair after 24 weeks of using 400mg of pumpkin seed oil daily. When coconut oil is being used as pre-wash and post-wash grooming product, it helps in preventing hair loss while rosemary oil increases hair growth with less itching of the scalp.

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